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21st Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference

Upper part of Mer de Glace:Tours on the glacier are available

Submissions of Talks and Posters

Whether or not you have already sent some of this information to the organizer by email, please provide on the link below a list of authors (with the presenter indicated), their affiliations, and emails; a title, and an abstract (limit 250 words). These may be changed later, so do not hesitate to send them as early as possible. The organizerwill use these to plan the conference and organize the sessions.

To submit a talk please go to the submission form. At that link will be a continually updated list of titles, authors and abstracts.

If attendance allows regular length talks, these will be limited to 30 minutes, a time that includes interruptions for questions, and final discussion. It would be best to plan for 20-24 minutes of actual speaking. The talks should be aimed not at specialists, but at a general scientific audience. Note: In order to add this information to the webpage you should use the same code that you will use to make lodging reservations. This code can be obtained by emailing the organizer at

There is room on the program for about 42 30-minute talks (perhaps 48 25- minute talks). If there are more attendees wanting to present research than time permits, then the organizer will either choose some talks to be of shorter duration, or in extremity, decide which attendees will give presentations. Thus when registering and filling out the submission form, please indicate if you might be willing to 1) give a shorter talk; 2) forego giving a talk.