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21st Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference


ASIC Speaking Schedule 4-8 PM (each day except 5-8 June 17). The daily ‘Chair’ will choose the order of speakers. The talks each day are selected to maximize dissimilarity (easy to do this year). Speakers should prepare talks suitable for a general audience of maximum 30 minutes duration – the remaining time will be for interruptions and discussion. In case there are delays due to the group climbing day, the talks on June 17, Friday will start at 5, and only three are scheduled (the food and drink at the reception will nonetheless be available starting at 4).

Thursday, June 16.

Angela Lowe, Chair: “Helping to end false memories”
Matthieu Servant: “A model integrating decision and motor control”
Gaen Plancher: “Visual priming fails in people without imagery: Aphantasics
Iva Ivanova: “Bilinguals speaking together: Entrainment”
Martial Mermillod: “Costs and Benefits of Deep Learning Models for Cognitive Science”

Friday, June 17.

Stephan Lewandowsky, Chair: “Assessing the personalities of misinformation producers”
Richard Shiffrin: “What causes forgetting?”
Adina Roskies: “The Readiness Potential and implications for Free Will”

Saturday, June 18.

Sudeep Bhatia, Chair: “Optimal search in natural settings”
Maarten Speekenbrink: “Coordination among separated agents: Stigmergy
Denis Cousineau: “Times to respond same and different explained by distribution shapes”
Michal Wierzchon: “The neural basis of consciousness”
Bob French: “Modeling the perception of melodies”

Sunday, June 19.

Fritz Breithaupt, Chair: “Communicating by narratives”
Jay Holden: “Coordination explains production timing of random sequences”
Tamara Gedankien: “Scopolamine, hippocampus, theta rhythms, and memory”
David Melcher: “Enhancing natural perception with parafoveal vision”
Gabriela-Alina Sauciuc: “Evolution of human cooperation”

Monday, June 20.

Colin Allen, Chair: “The temporal structure of animal consciousness”
John Dunn: “Coordinating data and theory: Tests of linearity”
Kira Breithaupt: “Modeling analogy in neural circuits for locomotion”
Mikhail Katkov: “A general model (law?) for memory retrieval”
Alberto Testolin: “Deep learning modeling discovers how to add”

Tuesday, June 21.

Gary Cottrell, Chair: “Primate vision models constrained by neural anatomy”
Phil Richeme: “Quantum information processing now and to come”
Nicole Cruz: “How do we reason under uncertainty?”
Mirko Thalmann: “Do our goals determine our mental representations?”
Diane Pecher: “More information in combined picture and sound than unimodality”