Seventeenth Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference

Loano2 Village
Italian Riviera, Italy
June 17, Sunday-June 22, Friday 2018

Gallinara Island near Loano

Typical rock climbing near Final Ligure, not far from Loano, Italy

Announcing ASIC 2018

The Seventeenth Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference (ASIC 2018) will be held at Loano2 Village near Loano on the Italian Riviera, on each of the six consecutive days, June 17 –22, 2018.

The dates are chosen to reduce possible conflicts with the Cognitive Science Society meetings to be held July 25 –28 in Madison Wisconsin, and the Mathematical Psychology Meetings to be held in Madison just prior to those days.

Pools at Loano2 Village

If you have a 5% or higher chance of attending, go to the link on this website 'Potential Attendees' and list yourself, your probability, and your email.

Loano2 Village {see} is highly rated and has excellent facilities and food. The meetings, catered breaks, and buffet breakfasts and dinners will be held in the resort.

Loano2 Village is just a few kilometers inland and uphill from many white sand beaches. There are many water activities available in the area. Mountains rise from the beaches to about 3000-4000 feet, all along the Italian Riviera, offering convenient access to such activities as hiking, rock climbing, biking and mountain biking, and canyoning. There are also many attractive villages and towns along the coast.

Typical Beach on the Italian Riviera-Varigotti

Travel to the resort is quite easy, by bus, train, and auto. There are nearby airports at Genoa (80 km), Nice (110 km) and Turin (160 km), but most international attendees will find it most convenient to fly to Milan (200 km), about 2.25 hours distant by auto. By auto from Loano2 Village it does not take long (up to 90 minutes) to reach the eastern Italian Riviera (e.g. Portofino) or the French Rivera (e.g. Nice or Monaco-Montecarlo). There are many attractive villages and towns all along the coast.

Portofino (110 km)                                                     Monaco-Montecarlo (108 km)

Richard M. Shiffrin of Indiana University - Bloomington is the organizer: Email correspondence should be directed to University (for all contact info, select 'Contact' from this website menu).

ASIC Organizer, Rich Shiffrin, atop Torre Grande, near Cortina. Italy

The subject matter of the ASIC conferences is interdisciplinary, but with a primary emphasis upon a wide variety of scientific domains within the broad frame of Cognitive Science. ASIC uses the very successful format of previous ASIC and AIC conferences: Days are free for leisure activities and discussions among participants. The talks are in the later afternoon/early evening, followed by dinner. The date has been chosen to make it convenient for attendees to bring family/friends.

Previous Years' Websites

For examples of websites for other ASIC conferences, visit ASIC 2017, ASIC 2016, ASIC 2015, ASIC 2014, ASIC 2013, ASIC 2012, ASIC 2011, ASIC 2010, ASIC 2009, ASIC 2008, ASIC 2007, ASIC 2006 and ASIC 2005. These websites generally list speakers, titles and abstracts.


The conference is open to all interested parties, and their family and friends. An invitation is NOT needed to attend. However, due to the small number of spots for speakers, the organizer will select the attendees to give talks, and choose the lengths of talks. It will be of particular interest to scholars who fit the very general theme of the conference. We encourage you to send the conference information to friends and colleagues.

Conference Aims

The conference will cover a wide range of subjects, with a particular but not exclusive focus on topics in cognitive science, including:

We especially invite talks emphasizing theory, mathematical modeling, and computational modeling (including neural networks and artificial intelligence). Nonetheless, we require talks that are comprehensible and interesting to a wide scientific audience. Speakers will provide overviews of current research areas, as well as of their own recent progress.

Conference Format

There is a single speaking session each day (no posters), intentionally organized to maximize the dissimilarity of each day’s presentations. If the number of participants exceeds the number of speaking slots (about 42), then the organizer will select some talks to be of shorter duration, and if necessary choose the speakers that will have the opportunity to present their work./

When ready to propose a talk for ASIC, submit the information on the page on this website titled “Talk Submissions“. Your will be asked to submit authors, titles, abstracts, and your entire presentation. Email the organizer for the code to add this information (it will be the same code used to make lodging reservations). This information can be edited, deleted, or altered at any time, subject to the following: authors, titles and abstracts must be posted two weeks before the conference, and the presentation must be posted by the conference start.


You are not officially on the request list for presenting research until you register and send the registration fee. Registration will be open on September 1, 2016. At that time or after, visit the Registration page on this website.


A block of rooms are presently being held, but are limited (at the price negotiated), and unreserved rooms will gradually be returned to the general public, so reserve soon. For information visit the Lodging page at this website.