Eleventh Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference

Club Hotel Nuraghe Arvu,
Cala Gonone, Sardinia.
Thursday, June 7 – Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Announcing ASIC 2012

The Eleventh Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference (ASIC 2012) will be held at the Club Hotel Nuraghe Arvu, in Cala Gonone Sardinia.


This hotel, currently top rated in the area, may be reached by car or bus from nearby airports on Sardinia, or by ferry from Italy. The town is in the Gulf of Orosei surrounded by a National Park, with nearby beaches that have been the settings for films (Cala Luna, often described as the most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean, is shown above—see ACTIVITIES: BEACHES on this website) wild and wonderful scenery with cliffs and canyons surrounding the bay, and with opportunities for extraordinary climbing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, and hiking. The town was formerly reached only by boat, but a recent tunnel through the cliffs now makes it accessible by road (via the nearest town, Dorgali). The cliffs that abound and descend directly to the water mean that some beaches can be reached most easily by boat from the port (a few minutes walk from the hotel), although sometimes rugged hiking trails also provide access.

Information on the area is available at the tourist office (0784 9 36 96; Viale Bue Marino 1a; 9am-6pm Apr-Oct, 9am-11pm Jul & Aug). Excellent information on Sardinia generally, and the Cala Gonone area specifically, may be found at www.sardinia.net. (At the bottom of this page are listed some other potentially useful websites).

Attendees at ASIC might want to take the opportunity before or after the conference to visit other destinations in the area, particularly including the rest of Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily, and the mainland of Italy.

We will have breakfasts and dinners at the hotel.

ASIC 2012 has been scheduled at a time that will allow attendance also at the Cognitive Science and Mathematical Psychology Annual Meetings which are tentatively scheduled in Japan the first week of August. The distance between Sardinia and Japan made it unlikely that anyone would want to attend both in a single trip, so we separated ASIC by a few months from the other conferences.

Richard M. Shiffrin of Indiana University - Bloomington is the organizer: Email correspondence should be directed to shiffrin@indiana.edu or mailed to Richard M. Shiffrin at Indiana University (select 'Contact' from the menu for the address).

The subject matter of the ASIC conferences is interdisciplinary, within the broad frame of Cognitive Science. ASIC uses the very successful format of previous ASIC and AIC conferences: Days are free for leisure activities and discussions among participants. The talks/posters are in the later afternoon/early evening, followed by dinner. The date has been chosen to make it convenient for attendees to bring family/friends. The conference is open to all interested parties, and an invitation is NOT needed to attend. However, due to the small number of spots for speakers, the organizer will select the attendees to give talks, and additional attendees will have the opportunity to present posters.

Previous Years' Websites

Several parts of this year's website are still under construction. For examples of previous years' websites, visit Previous ASIC Websites.


The conference is open to all scholars who fit the very general theme of the conference, and their family and friends. An individual invitation is NOT needed. We encourage you to send the conference information to friends and colleagues. If you are interested in organizing a half or whole topic session, contact the organizer.

Conference Aims

The conference will cover a wide range of subjects in cognitive science, including:

We especially invite talks emphasizing theory, mathematical modeling, and computational modeling (including neural networks and artificial intelligence). Nonetheless, we require talks that are comprehensible and interesting to a wide scientific audience. Speakers will provide overviews of current research areas, as well as of their own recent progress.

Conference Format

There is a single speaking session each day. If the number of participants exceeds the number of 30 minute speaking slots (6x7=42), then one or two sessions will be devoted to shorter talks. Information on submitting proposals for presentations (short or long) is on the page of this website labeled "Talk Submissions". Please submit talk information on the website, even if you have already sent (some of) this information to the organizer.

Conference timing and schedule: The daily timing for the conference will depend on the hotel restaurant services. All the times presently listed could be delayed by a fixed amount (up to one hour), to be decided later.

The conference will start with registration and a reception on the first day that will run for 45 minutes. 15:30-16:15 on Thursday, June 7. On subsequent days there will be drinks and light snacks from ~16:00 - 16:15, followed by a session of seven (or more) spoken presentations that include a mid-session drink break.

It will not escape the careful reader that this conference format frees most of the day for either discussions with colleagues or various other activities with colleagues, family, and friends. We encourage all scientific attendees and participants to attend all sessions. The time frame will allow day trips to nearby sites, but attendees should arrange to return in time for the sessions. Travel to sites and planned activities from which a return for the session will not be possible by 16:00 should be arranged for days preceding and following the conference.


You are not officially on the request list for presenting research (talks or posters) until you send the registration fee, preferably by Paypal. visit the Registration page at this website.


All the rooms at the Nuraghe Arvu are presently being held, but are limited in number. Early expressions of interest in ASIC 2012 suggest that all the rooms at the hotel will be booked, so reserve soon. When rooms are fully booked there are some nearby hotels for overflow. For information visit the Lodging page at this website.

Some possibly useful websites: