Sunday, June 27 -- Friday, July 2, 2004
Cavalese, Val di Fiemme, Dolomiti, Italy

Announcing ASIC 2004!

The Third Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference (ASIC 2004) will be held at Hotel Grunwald, in Cavalese, Val di Fiemme, Italy (in the Dolomites). Richard M. Shiffrin of Indiana University-Bloomington, and Marco Zorzi of the University of Padova, are co-organizers. Official correspondence should be directed to Richard Shiffrin and CCed to Marco Zorzi. You can address them automatically by clicking here.

The conference uses the very successful format of previous ASIC and AIC conferences: Days are free for leisure activities and the talks are in the later afternoon/early evening, followed by dinner. The date has been chosen to make it convenient for attendees from the United States to bring family/friends. The conference is open to all interested parties, and an invitation is NOT needed to attend. However, the limited time for talks means that the organizers will select the speakers from those arranging sessions or desiring to give individual talks. The subject is interdisciplinary, within the broad frame of Cognitive Science.



The conference is open to all scholars who fit the very general theme of the conference, and their family and friends. An individual invitation is NOT needed. We encourage you to send the conference information to friends and colleagues.

Do not delay in making your own arrangements for participation. Even if you are planning only to attend, and not talk, hotel rooms may be booked early, so you should make your reservations soon.

If you are thinking of attending and/or participating let the organizers know at once.

Conference Aims

The conference will cover a wide range of subjects in cognitive science, including:

We especially invite talks emphasizing theory, mathematical modeling, and computational modeling (including neural networks and artificial intelligence). Nonetheless, we require talks that are comprehensible and interesting to a wide scientific audience. Speakers will provide overviews of current research areas, as well as of their own recent progress.

For information on submitting proposals for presentations (speaking or posters), see our attendees and sessions page.

Conference Format

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The conference will start with a reception on the first evening, Sunday, June 27, at 4 PM, followed by a partial session.

Each of the next five evenings, poster sessions will run from 4:00 to 4:30 PM. Drinks, light refreshments and snacks will be available during poster sessions, and at the midway break. Talks will begin at 4:30 PM; there will be about 8 talks each evening, as well as a mid-session break. Talks are expected to finish at about 8:45 PM each day. A banquet will be held following the final session of the conference, on Friday, July 2.

There are no parallel sessions.

It will not escape the careful reader that this conference format frees most of the day for various activities with colleagues, family, and friends. We expect all scientific attendees and participants to attend all sessions. The time frame will allow day trips to nearby sites in the Dolomites, and even to some nearby cities in Northern Italy, but travel to other and more distant sites should be arranged for days preceding and following the conference.

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